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Who We Are

In a word: Specialization. Lazarus Financial Group provides specialized debt recovery. We don't take all lines of business; we only take business where we have a competitive advantage based on our unique expertise in certain industries.

Our Vision

Nobody wakes up in the morning wanting to be average. People don’t want average jobs, average pay, average homes or average cars. Our lifelong dream is not to be in an average relationship or have average children. For most of us, average is just not enough. We want more than average, WE WANT GREATNESS!
At Lazarus Financial Group we conduct our business daily with greatness in mind. Average results are not acceptable to Lazarus Financial Group or to its client base.
Our Cornerstones: The cornerstones of Lazarus Financial Group are its partnerships, people and technology. We employ each of these cornerstones to develop successful, mutually beneficial relationships to our clients.
Partnerships: Lazarus Financial Group does not view you as a client in the traditional sense, but instead as our business partner. We have found that the best way to serve our base of partners is to take the time to understand their business, their goals and their challenges. By developing a partner relationship with our clients, we become tied as an integral part of their business as they are an integral part of our business. We meet your needs by understanding your business.
People: At Lazarus Financial Group, we don’t hire average people and make them good; we hire great people and make them better. We recognize that our single biggest investment is in our personnel, and we emphasize not only experience in our hiring decisions, but also critical thinking, flexibility and integrity. Every member of our staff is dedicated to our spirit of excellence and in understanding that our operational purpose is to serve our partners.

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