Medical Collections

Medical Collections have become more and more complicated in recent times. COBRA, Medicare, HIPAA guidelines, and the growing number of uninsured have created a maze for medical providers that can be difficult to navigate. And that doesn’t include what happens after the service has been rendered, insurance filed and there is still a balance due.

For both large and small medical providers, the dilemma continues to exist in how to maintain an amiable relationship with patients. Trying to balance on this dilemma often creates a situation where the window for collections has closed, or worse, a situation where the outstanding balance has been relegated to the lowest priority in the patient’s perspective.

Lazarus Financial Group specializes in making the balance owed to you a higher priority in your patient’s life. This is not achieved by employing "smash mouth" methods which degrades the individual, but by engaging in a respectful dialog which focuses on financial counseling with the patient.

Our approach to our collections include letter series, "soft" telephone collections up to escalated efforts to staff members specifically trained in the intricacies of medical debt. These individuals are HIPAA certified, and engage in methods that utilize empathy to achieve the desired collection results.

We understand your industry, we understand your patients and we understand what it takes to successfully collect dollars for you in a way that is compliant with all state and federal regulations. Patients come to you for medical care because of your expertise in your field. Why not turn your collection issue over to an organization that is also expert in their respective field.

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